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Hey man I love your games and I know things happen but can I get a ETA on the game pl

Testing today :3 The tentacles got my attention lol

Is this game canceled? I noticed your working on another game and was wondering if you just abandoned this one. It's okay if you did btw, the slime one seems more interesting but I just want clarity.


This game is not abandoned. It's basically just been delayed massively because of the publisher, to the point where I've been working on my other project while I wait for the assets they've promised me, so that I'm not just sitting around doing nothing.

I definitely will finish this game eventually, but at this point I can't really tell when.

Ok just dont take to long my friend

And btw when will the game be ready?

We need full edition before we all forget about this site , and we all are really desperate to play this game 

Do you have a day or moth when the game will be ready.

Not yet, sorry.

is this the full released or still being updated


Currently there is only a demo version. The full version is still in development.

Anyone know if there is a similar game to this in the market with magical girls but with more typical magical girl tropes. Revenge fantasy is regrettably not my coup of tea. There's nothing wrong with it it's just not what I'm looking for at the moment. I know corrupted kingdoms may have one magical girl in it but her part is not out at current moment. Also prefrably one that does not need a flash player because I cannot get that thing to work no matter how much I try.


be careful not to wait super, super long like the people doing WMNAD. The kickstarter for it was in like 2017 and those poor bastards still haven't got a full release of the game. That shit is a joke at this point


It's a little late for that.


Haha, forgot about that game

I realize it must be annoying to be asked this so often, but my curiosity is relentless. Do you have an estimation as to when this will release?


Not at this time.

i wait for buy this game in steam ;)

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chale, para cuando estará listo? ya hice la pre compra xd

When is the release?


When it's ready.
Development is slow right now, but I know it'll release in a much better state after all the time we're giving it.

Alright, just curious

Hi, is there anal things in the game?


When is this coming ou


does this game have good ass focused scenes?

I want to know that too

Is the lewd scenes animated or just pics??

The CGs are not animated.


hey am are you ever gana send my pade link or did you just stell my money

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The game is still in development. It will be released eventually, but I cannot tell you when, given current circumstances.

If you're unsatisfied with the speed of development, you can request a refund for your preorder. (see

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No, unfortunately. Development is taking more time than expected, issues have arisen, and I don't have a clear prediction of when this game will be completed. However, rest assured that I do intend to finish this project, and I am working my way towards that goal.

hmm. more beautiful art

Idk why but Ruby reminds me way too much of Ribrianne, both in voice and character

Game: has words like "fuck"


(not meant to be hateful just, wanted to point that out

When can we expect this game to be released?


I can’t give an exact date, as the game is still being developed and I recently had to revise plans after associating with Critical Bliss as a publisher. However, it should be ready before the end of 2020.


say it with me now yall: mommy. issues. 

Does this have any femdom in it?

I'm just curious why the VNDB entry gives it the "Female Domination" tag when the decription makes it seem to be entirely maledom.

There is a mix of both maledom and femdom. Essentially, it is a revenge story in which the girls start out dominant, but are then made to be submissive as the story progresses and the protagonist gains the upper hand.

So the femdom disappears as you go through, then it becomes pure maledom?


Yes. Femdom is only present in the first part of the game. After that, it's payback time.

Dammit I payed accidentaly only for game but wanted to pay for Soundtrack too, how can I upgrade?

Unfortunately, I don't know. You may want to contact support.

Alternately, once the game releases, you can buy the soundtrack as a separate purchase on Steam or Bandcamp.

Is it just me, or do these girls look more Manga  than your previous heroines?

Yes, the style is more eastern. I hired a new art team for this game, and character art is different as a result.

So is this a picture game or a animated game ...  have a sample ?

The game won't use Live2D or similar animation. All artwork will be static, though the engine will utilize simple pan and zoom effects to give a small sense of motion. It'll be just like my past games.