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When she goes into an almost trance at the end after being teased, she's given a set of powers that basically makes her unbeatable as she can act and block before your character can, and her healing spell out performs even shockbolt. At best you can just stalemate her when that happens so that each of you gradually heal. I can only get two of the endings and I suspect it's because I reached this part of the game that's seemingly impossible to progress past.

You can get all 6 endings by following this guide if you want:

Thanks, I'll give this a try!


Why is the price higher on than on steam who take more than as an intermediary ?

The price for both platforms should be the same, at $4.99  USD. Other currencies might vary based on the conversion rates the sites are using, but ideally, they should be very similar.

Oh, you meant the game + soundtrack package. Sorry.
I've adjusted itch to match the discount.

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Ah, no, i didn't even see there was a soundtrack.. :s

Steam was 3.99€ which is equivalent to around 4.40$

Steam translates the price to other currencies differently than Itch does. I apologize for the discrepancy, but I don't know how I can alter foreign currencies on Itch to match the ones on Steam. For now, the prices will stand as they are to keep the USD price the same.

No need to apologize, i was curious and though it had to do with the difference between steam margin and's. 


This is the gif that I wanted for New Year. Thank you Belgerum Claus! ;)