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This game earned its dollar as soon as I saw "et tu, Goote?" in the demo.

good game, but too short :c 


I kinda wish there was an ending where Roy makes Miriel his slave—but doesn't take away who she is; like the accidental cast, but intentional. Basically a 'happy slave' ending…

The unhappy slave ending was quite… stressful for me. But that is just the nature of the content; it's not for me, it's for the story and people who enjoy that content.

So overall, a great visual novel. Enjoyed two of the three endings I encountered.


So, yeah I played the game and got Ending №3, when Miriel and Roy become happily ever after. However there is a mistake, there is no other endings. There can't be! This is the only ending they deserve, and I refuse to acknowledge the others.

On the whole, great game.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!


Ending 3 is the only ending I'll accept too, I won't even try to earn the other endings, since ending 3 is so nice and loving. Amazing game!

Is there any chance you will add content to this in the future?  I have enjoyed what there is of this game, but it doesn't even come close to the standard you set with Demon King & Magebuster.  I am perfectly fine with a choose-your-own-story model, but I just wish there were more choices, more scenes, and more endings.  I'd also really love it if you would bring back the epilogues from Demon King. 

Deleted 3 years ago

It's not likely. This game was shorter than DKD and Magebuster by intention, and was priced accordingly. My general strategy regarding it is to make it accessible over profitable, and promote my other games. Because of that, now that it's finished, I will be moving on to another project that will be priced higher, contain more content, and be a better product. I am also moving on to work with a different team of artists for my future games, so going back to this one will be even harder.

This game is likely in it's final state, but rest assured, I am working on future games and content.